Monday, December 1, 2014

He found us true love

by Alanna

Almost one and a half years ago, I got married to this incredible man. Time flies fast and now we have a baby girl. She is incredible and occasionally difficult. I guess beautiful things never come easy. Marriage, it's a gift. Baby, a gift too. Sometimes I just look at them when he holds her, and marvel at these miracles. Me so undeserving, God so good to give me this family.


We drove past the usual billboard for the strip club on our way home. They seem to abound in our neighborhood. And it discourages me, all this sin and lust and cheap imitations for love. But I realized something deep down this time, and I laughed in sheer joy. We've found true love. Not something fake, but something solid as a rock. Love not of this world, but love sacrificial and patient and kind. True love stops the car for me to vomit on the road, doesn't berate me that I couldn't wait til we got home. True love makes me eggs and cheese almost every day for weeks, while I recover from birthing his child. True love does the dishes and cooks steaks when I'm weak in bed. True love waits in the hospital with me for hours, cradling baby girl in his arms, changing her poop when it comes. True love calls me beautiful when my hair hasn't been washed in 10 days, and I'm stained with baby spit-up. I look in the mirror and laugh. Beautiful? True love makes me so. True love perseveres, when I turn over in bed and refuse to communicate. True love forgives me, makes me laugh when I cry, doesn't give up on me through grumpy days and nights. True love provides for me, drives me to the grocery store and appointments, plays guitar to calm down my screaming baby when she won't nurse. Through sin and tears and the ugliness of my heart, he loves me still. And He loves me still. Tonight I'm so thankful. Families come with the hard but they come with beautiful. And it wasn't me that found true love. God, giver of grace and good things, found it for us.