Sunday, April 26, 2015

What Defines You

By Mary

There's so much in this life that we can choose to be our definition--something in our background, our heritage, our history, something bad that happens, something good, achievements, position...

Lately I feel like I hear all the time of people who seem to view themselves a certain way, tinted by whichever facts they choose about who they are, what they do, or things that have happened to them. They want to be sure others take these things into consideration when they interact with them. Maybe I sort of do this too?

So I've thought a lot lately about what I really want to define me. And don't get me wrong, everything you experience in life shapes you. That's how it works. But when I boil myself down to one thing, it's not something like my childhood experiences, being a woman, being a wife or being a mother that defines me. It's Christ in me. Other things are pieces of me, sure, but I want it all tinted by Him. Just Him. I guess it's a goal, as well as a fact. He is the defining thing about me, now may how I live show the world that definition.