Friday, January 18, 2019

Dove chocolate wisdom

By Mary

I've been mulling over a little nugget from a chocolate wrapper, so I thought I'd share :)
often lead to

Monday, January 14, 2019

January days

by Alanna

We spent Christmas in Colorado again this year- three weeks of glorious sunshine and lots of laughter with our family. Playing 500 with my parents, soccer with friends, basketball in flip-flops. Driving back to Minnesota is always hard, but each time we feel a little more confident that this is where God wants us to be, and a little more content with that. Able to open wide my hands and receive that beautiful gift of Colorado, and then say goodbye to it and go back to the place He has called us to.

Grey days here though, end on end, require discipline to do the things that are good for my mind and soul. They also require creativity. I'm so thankful for warm days lately- 20s and even 30s! that have turned our backyard into an ice rink instead of a snow bank. Here's some pictures documenting my gratitude- for my children, for getting outdoors, for gray and white and brown and ugly. I'm so thankful that Spring is going to come! My heart is already super excited for it.