Tuesday, January 14, 2014

life is hard

By Mary

It feels a little silly using this post title since it's been a wonderful first couple weeks of the new year for our family. (And my mom is flying out tomorrow to stay with us!! Helping with the end of my pregnancy and baby number 2. I'm just a leeetle bit excited)

I'm not sure when the thought first really started sticking in my head...I think I read something along those lines, probably in some half-read blog post in the last month or so. And it came back to my mind last week, a bunch of us talking with my friend about her upcoming third son--less than 18 months older than her second son. And just how having little kids/babies is a tough stage of motherhood. But it was the older ladies' perspective that really made me think--one talked about teenagers--"bigger kids, bigger problems. And young adults are hard too because then you have no control!" But she so loves the kind of relationships she can have with her adult children.

And I thought how true it is...life is hard. It's not just the stage you're in or the people in your life. It's not what you have, or have not. Not singleness or marriage or your job or unemployment or toddlers or teens or not enough time or too much time on your hands.  It's not any one factor of your life that is hard. Life is just hard, imperfect and broken. The next thing won't always be easier, or better, even if its what you want. So lets enjoy today for what it is and live it fully as we wait for our King to come again.

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